Termite Inspection Process - What to Expect


Before our termite exterminators will treat your home for these invasive pests, we first need to confirm that there is indeed a termite infestation. In order to determine the most effective termite treatment for your home, a thorough inspection and keen attention to detail allow our technicians to identify the signs of termites.  

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If Termites Are Found

termite fumigation


If termites are found throughout the home or in multiple parts of the home a fumigation may be needed. The type of termite identified will also plays a role. Our expert termite inspectors will walk you thru the entire process for preparing and tenting your home for termites.  

Localized Treatments

For minimal termite activity sometimes localized termite treatments are available. Subterranean Termites require a subterranean termite treatment which consists of treating locally into the ground where the termites reside. 

If No Termites Are Found

termite control service

Termite Control Service

If no termites are found, that’s great news! No Termites Found? Good News! You can protect your home year-round for as little as $225 with our annual termite control program. Contact Termite Patrol to get started!

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